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Addy and Blair.JPG
Addy and Blair
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Alexandra mid jump.jpg
Alexandra mid jump
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Alexandra on wave.jpg
Alexandra on wave
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Allen thumbs up.jpg
Allen thumbs up
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Ashley coming in.jpg
Ashley coming in
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Ashley giving high five.jpg
Ashley giving high five
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Ashley out of water.JPG
Ashley out of water
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Ashley surfing.jpg
Ashley surfing
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Austin falling off.jpg
Austin falling off
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Austin on board.jpg
Austin on board
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Austin on wave.jpg
Austin on wave
599 x 39828 KB
Austin with surf instructors.JPG
Austin with surf instructors
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Beginning of land demonstration.jpg
Beginning of land demonstration
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Blair surfing wave.jpg
Blair surfing wave
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Blake and Michael.JPG
Blake and Michael
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Blake, Ryan, and Collin.JPG
Blake, Ryan, and Collin
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Bobby on surfboard.jpg
Bobby on surfboard
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Boys getting ready.jpg
Boys getting ready
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Brandon in water.jpg
Brandon in water
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Brandon on foam board.jpg
Brandon on foam board
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Brandon riding wave.jpg
Brandon riding wave
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Brandon's game face.jpg
Brandon's game face
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Brendan on wave 2.jpg
Brendan on wave 2
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Brendan on wave.jpg
Brendan on wave
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Brian after ride.jpg
Brian after ride
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Brian and Chase tandem surf.jpg
Brian and Chase tandem surf
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Brian mid air fall.jpg
Brian mid air fall
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Brian surfing.jpg
Brian surfing
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Brian's first ride.jpg
Brian's first ride
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Carly with surf instructors.JPG
Carly with surf instructors
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Cole first ride.jpg
Cole first ride
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Cole riding wave.jpg
Cole riding wave
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Cornelius surfing.jpg
Cornelius surfing
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Daniel riding wave.jpg
Daniel riding wave
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Daniel standing on board.jpg
Daniel standing on board
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David and surf instructors.JPG
David and surf instructors
397 x 59928 KB
David in water.jpg
David in water
599 x 39829 KB
David in wave.jpg
David in wave
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David on his knees.jpg
David on his knees
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DeVanta and Jon waiting on boards.jpg
DeVanta and Jon waiting on boards
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