Stafford Craymer - Area Director

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Stafford is a part of an incredible family with two loving parents (Dave and Sally), one older brother (Walter), and two younger sisters (Rebecca and Eliza).  Stafford was introduced to people with disabilities as a child because his brother, Walter, had disabilities.  Walter passed away at a young age, but impacted Stafford and the rest of his family so much that each of them are involved in the lives of many kids with disabilities today.

Stafford spent most of his childhood living in Mechanicsville, VA.  He graduated from Atlee High School in 2005.  He went to Hampden-Sydney College for his Freshman year and then transferred to Virginia Tech before his Sophomore year.

While studying at Virginia Tech, Stafford decided to start a Young Life Capernaum club in a nearby town (Salem, VA) with a bunch of other college friends.  They reached out and pursued many kids with disabilities while they were students at Virginia Tech.

Stafford graduated from Virginia Tech in May 2009 with a bachelors degree in Finance.  He went on Young Life Capernaum staff in Salem, VA and was on staff there for 3 years before moving to Virginia Beach.  

Stafford married his wife, Kerry, in August 2011 after meeting her at Virginia Tech.  They moved to the Hampton Roads area in August 2012 and are excited about loving many kids with disabilities and getting the opportunity to talk with them about Jesus!


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