We are SO excited for our upcoming Capernaum Surf Camp on Saturday, September 21st.  We are asking that volunteers show up at 8am and Capernaum students begin showing up at 8:45am.  We will meet at Seashore State Park located at 2500 Shore Drive!



Details for Capernaum Surf Camp:
- We have tents to provide shade out on the beach.
- We have water and pizza to give to kids, parents, and volunteers.
- We have sunscreen for anyone who needs it.
- We will have photographers in and out of the water capturing all the great moments of the day.
- Every kid with a disability is required to wear a life jacket unless their parent notifies one of the leaders or surf instructors that they are a good swimmer and do not need a life jacket.
- Life jackets will be provided but if you would like to bring one of your own, we would love that!​
- We make sure each kid with a disability is paired up with several instructors/helpers so that everyone is safe and comfortable.
- If the weather is bad or the waves are too big, we will reschedule to a different date.
- We celebrate any and every success that happens in the water...whether a kid stands up on a board, rides on their knees, rides on their stomach, or even just gets their toes wet!
- We welcome any parent that wants to help out their child in the water!

Please contact Stafford Craymer at 757-810-9857 if you have any questions or for more information!​​​​​​​​



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